Brake And Clutch Repairs

At AG TOFT GARAGE, we have been performing the task of Brake and Clutch Repairs for quite a long time now. We are here to serve you as brake and clutches specialists, providing you with top-notch quality repairs and components for your vehicle. AG TOFT GARAGE is equipped with all the latest and advanced tools and equipment so that our qualified team of mechanics can perform all of your repairs to the highest standard.

As the most essential safety system on your vehicle, we take brakes very seriously. We understand that the brakes are the most vital system on your vehicle, so every Brake Repair is undertaken to the highest professional standards. By providing quality services and by taking extra care by our expert brake specialists, we ensure that your Brake Repairs result in reliable, silent braking – for the life of the brake job.

We can also repair anything in the clutch system of your vehicle, starting from full clutch kits, hydraulic master cylinders to slave cylinders. We can come up to you with the wide range of our heavy duty clutch repair options along with our skilled clutch specialists. Having a professional carry out your Clutch Repairs will ensure that your new clutch will provide a smooth, stable engagement for its entire life.

Visit us soon for any of your requirement regarding brakes and clutches repairs. We provide our services at Cambourne, Cambridge, Hardwick, Knapwell and Laxton. We are committed to quality customer service and customer satisfaction is what we aim at. We are always available at your service and we will be happy to serve you next.