Classic Cars And Rebuilds

Has your car become old? Do you wish to bring it back to the same condition when it was new? Then A G TOFT GARAGE might be right choice for your classic cars to rebuild. Our company masters in rebuilding classic cars and make it as new as it was during the time when you bought it. We take pride to return the car to its former glory and splendour. We do understand, quite well, that during the restoration process, it’s essential to tag the parts of the classic car so as to simulate a more systematic approach. While restoring a car, the major part is the engine. We also serve the customers our best when it comes to classic car engine rebuilds. Our certified mechanics are well skilled those who are given the responsibility of the classic car engine rebuild. Apart from that, we also specialize in classic car radiator rebuild. We have the right tools and equipments required for the rebuilding process and strive to provide you with the best results within a desired time period.So without any further waiting, visit A G TOFT GARAGE for your next classic car rebuilding project. We provide our services at Cambourne, Cambridge, Hardwick, Knapwell and Laxton.