Vehicle Servicing and Repairs

Though we specialise in wheels and MOT tests, our servicing and repairing work is some of the best work in the market. A.G Toft garage services has been in the market for quite a long time now and we are fully equipped with everything which is required for every car problem. Car Body repairs¬†need to be done at the finest hands that are professionally trained and at the same time experienced. If there is any issue with the car then it is better to treat it immediately rather than it to become worse. Here are some of the most major issues that you can come across while driving –
  • Are you hearing noises while changing gears? Then it might be an issue with the clutch which needs immediate attention. Our professionals ensure that they only use top quality parts if there is a repair or even a replacement.
  • Brakes are essential for the safety of the vehicle. If it makes a screeching noise or is jammed then it is better to get it checked and repaired at the earliest.
  • Check if there are suspension issues. Our trained professionals will only use parts that fit your vehicle.Get a quote consider our services.
Our car body repairs service in laxton is all that it takes to make your car perform to the best. Be it personal or commercial vehicle repairs, we make sure that the service you take from us is of the highest quality! Book for your repairs right away, our services are available in the following areas Cambourne, Cambridge, Hardwick, Knapwell and Laxton.